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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wave (from Google)

Wave: Google's new, real-time, open source communication platform app with email, IM and everything else you're using to communicate on the net...

Bit.ly: http://bit.ly/SLAQO

FOM: Google invites users to join Wave and Google Wave.

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Gurning: Not a new word - not one of ours. The antic(s) of face-distortion: for amusement &/or competition...

Badvertising or Negliminal

engineer_public_opinion image licensed under Creative Commons by martinhoward

Badvertising / Negliminal: The portmanteaus of bad with advertising and negative with subliminal. With reference to the greater effect of negative subliminal messages.

Bit.ly: http://bit.ly/4sFrmn

FOM: 'Bad' subliminal messages work and Key To Subliminal Messaging Is To Keep It Negative, Study Shows.

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Image licensed under Creative Commons by edans

Flu-Thru: The portmanteau of Influenza (or flew) and Drive-Thru. A more immediate approach to treating H1N1 at the local emergency or hospital.

Bit.ly: http://bit.ly/3u5Eqr

FOM: McTriage: Hospitals use swine flu drive-thrus

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11-47: The fortunate(?) portmanteau of Chapter 11 and AK-47. The bankrupting of any automatic weapons manufacturer.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


OpenRide: New term - new technology - not one of ours. A new open communication platform where you can instantly find a rideshare via your mobile phone.

Bit.ly: http://bit.ly/kv5JV

FOM: Find Local Rideshares Quickly Via Mobile Phone , OpenRide and Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems FOKUS .

Dr. Matthias Flügge
Fraunhofer FOKUS
+49 (0)30 3463 7135

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Twamp or Twurb

Twamp / Twurb: The portmanteau of clamp(down) or curb and Twitter. To shut down or curb the privelege and access to Twitter and/or other social websites.

Updated/Revised: Thursday, October 1, 2009

Plamp or Blamp

Plamp / Blamp: The portmanteau of (blood) plasma and lamp. A special lamp designed to illuminate upon the introduction of blood tissue to Luminol.

Trichomonas saurischiae

T Rex image licensed under Creative Commons by Sebastian Bergmann

Trichomonas saurischiae: One proposed scientific name for the parasite thought to have killed off the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex. (Does the parasite connection strengthen the dinosaur-bird connection)?

Bit.ly: http://bit.ly/ub3Kd

References: Mighty T. rex Killed by Lowly Parasite, Study Suggests and Trichomonas gallinae.

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Anchiornis huxleyi

Anchiornis huxleyi: A new dinosaur species - not our naming. A newly discovered, small, four-winged feathered dinosaur resembling a bird.

Bit.ly: http://bit.ly/NmOdw

FOM: China finds bird-like dinosaur with four wings and Anchiornis huxleyi.

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Craemation or Gremation

Cremation Gurunda Burning Bali image licensed under Creative Commons by amanderson2

Craemation / Gremation: The 'eco-friendly' portmanteau of cremation and faeces. The new 'green' use of animal waste as fuel for a cremation and ceremony. (Not the way I want to be dealt with after my demise, in a burning dung heap...).

Bit.ly: http://bit.ly/lbeQ0

References: India's cow-dung 'eco-cremations' and Cremation.

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Psephurus gladius

Psephurus gladius: Not a new term. Scientific name for the Giant Chinese Paddlefish, which may be extinct by the time you read this.

Bit.ly: http://bit.ly/IWvFb

FOM: Giant fish 'verges on extinction' and Psephurus gladius.

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Geiger Storm

Geiger Storm: The unfortunate portmanteau of Geiger Counter and storm. An extension of the concept of Radioactive Dust Storm. A storm that releases radioactive material.

Ashram Island

Ashram Island: The conversion of a tiny island into an Ashram...

Radioactive Dust Storm

The Apocalypse is Nigh image licensed under Creative Commons by Matthew Stewart

Radioactive Dust Storm: Not something you deal with everyday. With reference to the recent enormous Australian Dust storm 2009 which might have left U-235 (and other radioactive elements?...) in its swath... Yikes!!!

Bit.ly: http://bit.ly/4uq8oy

References: Australia 'uranium' dust concerns and Australian Dust Storm 2009.

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Badge of Chavez

Ψ-cam or psi-cam

Ψ-cam or psi-cam: The portmanteau of Ψ ('psi' = psychic...) and Camera. A CCTV that can help predict ASB.

FOM: Bus CCTV could predict assaults

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Anuran denticulatum

Anuran denticulatum: The portmanteau of the scientific (Order) name of frog and fang (from the Latin...). One proposed scientific name for the recently discovered fanged frog.

FOM: Climate risk to 'fanged' frog and Anuran.

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Image licensed under Creative Commons by Umair Moshin

Vitreography: The portmanteau of glass (from the Latin...) and 3D Lithography. The rather exciting development of "printing glass objects in 3D".

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Homeless Doll

Homeless Doll: With reference to the rather controversial appearance of American Girl's new doll portraying a homeless girl: Gwen Thompson.

Homo torpedius or Homo grenadius

Homo torpedius / Homo grenadius: The very tragic and unfortunate portmanteaus of Homo sapiens and torpedo or grenade. (1) The shocking and disturbing new development in terrorism: the concealment of explosives inside the bodies of living suicide bombers. (2) A person with a bomb surgically embedded inside of them.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Self-Regulation: Not a new term, but a somewhat new definition. Exhausted after a long day? Too tired to head to the gym? Listen to some music, schedule it in your datebook, do more planning see...


Ψ-Coding: The portmanteau of the Greek letter Ψ (psi - representing the word 'psychic') and number coding. The ability to determine the number you just looked at (or a number of dots...) via enhanced techniques.

FOM: Cracking The Brain's Numerical Code: Researchers Can Tell What Number A Person Has Seen and: Evelyn Eger, Vincent Michel, Bertrand Thirion, Alexis Amadon, Stanislas Dehaene, and Andreas Kleinschmidt. Deciphering Cortical Number Coding from Human Brain Activity Patterns. Current Biology, 2009; DOI: 10.1016/j.cub.2009.08.047


Phitter: The very unfortunate portmanteau of PHI (Protected Health Information) and Twitter. Doctors are 'sharing' your protected personal health information via tweets.


Grunk: The very unfortunate portmanteau of gel and drunk. To become intoxicated via the consumption of sanitizing gel or some other santizing product. (Blechh!!!).

Shark Sanctuary

Shark Sanctuary: A new term, not one of ours. A visionary, very badly needed, world first in marine sanctuaries. Bravo Palau!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Food Corridor

Image licensed under Creative Commons by wetwebwork

Food Corridor: Note, this concept needs deeper investigation. Similar to a habitat corridor for animals. A food corridor is a similar approach meant to deliver foodstuffs and potable water to deprived societies - such as the coming famine in Kenya (2009).
Upated/Revised Tuesday, September 29, 2009 and Sunday, October 11, 2009: Draining a Nation, Guatemala’s children languish from malnutrition and Mau Forest.


Image licensed under Creative Commons by mrflip

Apebook: The obvious portmanteau of Great Ape and Facebook. The start of the new 'Friend a Gorilla' project on Facebook.
Revised/Updated: Tuesday, September 29, 2009.


Holushield: The portmanteau of Holoshield and you. The extension of the Holoshield concept to create your own personal force field out of a 3D active, physical-force producing shield.