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Monday, August 31, 2009


Terror-for-Oil?: Was it really? We may never really know... Of course, its despicable to even mention it...or is it? We really just can't say...

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Gravity Hole

'Gravity Hole': Not one of our terms. New term for Lagrange Point. One of our favorite topics - an 'alternative' means for putting humans and technology into space. (See the work of the late, great Gerard K. O'Neill if interested).

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Reference(s): Why future astronauts may be sent to 'gravity holes', Lagrange Point and Gerard K. O'Neill.

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Spider Mouse or Iron Mouse

Spider Mouse / Iron Mouse: The (obvious) conceptual collisions of the fictional characters of Mickey Mouse, Spider Man and Iron Man in the Disney buyout of Marvel.

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Reference: Pow! Disney to buy Marvel for $4 billion, Marvel and Disney.

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Dutch Gift or Dutch Rock

Dutch Gift / Dutch Rock: (1) The embarassing and unfortunate (even laughable) discovery that the "moon rock" given to this museum was actually just a piece of petrified wood. (2) The unfortunate (and inadvertent?) substitution of a priceless object in a museum by a worthless fraud.

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Brian: Well, hey thanks for that, USA! Stewie: There you go. (Ha! The chumps!)

Animal Cafe

Image licensed under Creative Commons by LollypopFarm

Animal Cafe: Not a new term - but one that should be catching on (we hope). A cafe or other place of business where one can find the soothing touch of therapy animals at a minimal charge or fee.

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Updated: Wednesday, November 18, 2009. Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ability Day(s) or Ability Eve

Ability Day(s) / Ability Eve: (1) With reference to the 'cut-off' date (usually Aug. 31) for placing students in their school year, thus placing some students a full-one year younger than their fellows. (2) With reference to the start of the 'worst' month (September - witness 2008...) - historically - for the stock markets. (Note Also: That these dates strangely coincide with the birthday of Caligula - probably the most infamous bad-boy born after Cain). (3) Also coincides with St. Giles' Day – Patron Saint of the Handicapped. Thus the reference to ability, for those being disadvantaged at this time of year.

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ASBO or Asbo

ASBO / Asbo: Not a new term. Acronym for Anti-Social Behaviour Order. A legal order used in the UK to deter certain anti-social behaviors such as binge-drinking and the drunken rowdiness that usually follow.

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References: New 'booze Asbos' come under fire and Anti-Social Behaviour Order.

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Flout

The Flout: (1) What your government can give you (under Bush regulations, by the way...) if you catch the H1N1 Influenza virus during the Pandemic. (2) The pardoxical antonym of flout.

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The Lifecode

The Lifecode: Just how did RNA and amino acids and so on form to create living material? The codification of chemicals into living material.

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Reference(s): Model Suggests How Life’s Code Emerged From Primordial Soup, RNA, DNA (the graphic on this Wikipedia page is excellent...) and amino acids.

The Fatal Calculator

The Fatal Calculator: Want to know the odds of your dying from a skin disease or even an ill-defined cause or symptom? Then visit the website: DeathRiskRankings.com.

Advisement: You might visit this site on a 'low traffic' day, we visited today (Sunday) and met with a 'Server To Busy' message on our second request.
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Friday, August 28, 2009


Compluter / Complution: The portmanteau of computer and pollution. (1) Pollution - in this case, ironically - by computation. (2) What you could be doing if you dispose of old computers irresponsibly.

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Tweetdown or 58down

Tweetdown / 58down: The portmanteau of Twitter or "58" and Touchdown. The (planned) tweeting of his touchdowns by select fans of Chad Ochocinco.

Brian: Don't get too cocky there, Chad. Stewie: Yes, let's not.

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Reference(s): NFL's Ochocinco to use hand signals to tweet and Chad Ochocinco.

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Twargeting: The portmanteau of Twitter and targeting (by thieves, burglars, criminals...). The use of Twitter or any social networking service to target would-be victims!

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Garbage Island

Updated: Friday, August 20, 2010

Garbage Island: (No, not a self-reference to this blog, thank you...). Not one of our terms. Credit is due to the people at CBC News. (1) The island-sized (or larger) floating wasteland of human-created debris in the Pacific. (2) Of reference to a similar wasteland (wastedump) to be found in the Northern Atlantic Gyre or any other.

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iBurst or iRupt

iBurst / iRupt: The portmanteau of iPhone and erupt(ion) or explosion. (1) An exploding iPhone?! (2) What such a device would do if it had been purchased by Wile E. Coyote from the fictional Ajax Corporation.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Xontroversy: The unfortunate portmanteau of x-chromosome and controversy. (1) The uproar surrounding questions regarding whether gold-medal track-winner Caster Semenya is male or female*. (2) The uproar surrounding questions regarding any athlete's sexuality*.

Bit.ly: http://bit.ly/vs8wj

Reference(s): Crowds greet gender-test athlete, Runner is Both Male and Female?, SA threatens 'war' over Semenya , Caster Semenya, hermaphrodite ,X-chromosome, Y-chromosome and gender verification.

* Even though the athlete in question may have tested positive for 3 times the normal amount of Testosterone in females.

Why is this important? Well, here's one example; if you live in a big city where you can buy a monthly pass for your train commute, the ticket seller will likely stamp your pass as male or female. That way, nobody of the opposite gender can use the pass. The same goes for gold medals in sports.

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Updated: Friday, September 11, 2009

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xatal or x-atal: The very unfortunate portmanteau of x-chromosome and fatal. Not with reference to the genetic differences, but the causes arising in the higher potential for fatalities in women due to longer lives and heart disease and similar.

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Spearzheimer's: The portmanteau of Britney Spears and Alzheimer's. (1) The use/test/response of celebrity images for patients potentially afflicted with the dreaded disease. (2) Or, the apparent case of the same dreaded disease in celebrities.

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Multibad (?)

Multibad(?): (1) Bad performance by certain individuals when multitasking via different media simultaneously. (2) Can one be truly bad at all activities at the same time?

Bit.ly link for this posting: http://bit.ly/OvzHR

Reference: Study: Multitaskers Bad at Multitasking

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Sweb or Swink

Sweb / Swink: The portmanteaus of swap and web or link. To trade, barter or otherwise exchange goods via the internet.

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Necrofungal: The very unfortunate and unpleasant portmanteau of necrosis and fungal. To experience the relatively uncommon cell-tissue death due to the relatively common Mucormycosis.

Warning!: The Wikipedia images for necrosis and Mucormycosis may be unpleasant and disturbing!
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Comprosome: The unfortunate (but important) portmanteau of compromise(d) and ribosome and/or syndrome. With reference to the tragic and unfortunate disappearance and potential cause of same of the honeybee and kin.

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Purobiate: The portmanteau of purify, microbe and desalinate (whew!). The use of bacteria and/or other microorganisms' electrical properties or other for the task of desalinating or otherwise purifying water.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Rightipedia: The Wikipedia investigates new ways to get its entries correct. Watch this posting for further updates...

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Sheb or Shink

Sheb / Shink: The portmanteau of shutdown and web or link. To be penalized for illegal downloads by being cut off from the internet.

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