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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Huge LQG

The Huge LQG or The Penultimate LQG -

The news about the Huge LQG is still posted on Reuters/News Daily as of this writing and may still be found on Science Daily and even in the Wikipedia.  The discoverers posted their findings in the Arxiv paper "A structure in the early universe at z* ~ 1.3 that exceeds the homogeneity scale of the R-W concordance cosmology" by Roger G. Clowes, Luis E. Campusano, et. al..

This penultimate structure (LQG) is mind-bendingly large and even distorts our concepts of relativity and the cosmological principle.  In "classical cosmology" it was thought that the CP limited universal structure sizes to about ~ 370 Mega-parsecs (Mpc).  The newly discovered Huge LQG has an estimated size of ~ 500 Mpc - which is stupendous.  Even greater is it's estimated longest dimension: ~ 1240 Mpc.

We also refer to it as the Penultimate LQG as nature is full of surprises.  That is we expect an even larger LQG structure or hyper-structure may yet be discovered and described - an Ultimate LQG.  The red-shift* ("z") implies that the Huge LQG lies far in the past and a long, long way away.  The same may apply for the hypothetical Ultimate LQG.

This appears to upset the old (1977) documentary (and book) "Powers of Ten" and the orders of magnitude described.  The book was written by the late great Philip Morrison and late wife Phylis Morrison.  The office of Ray and Charles Eames (designers) was deeply involved with both projects.  The previous high limit on order of magnitude (according to these good folks) was 100 million light years (~ 3E x 7 Mpc) or 10E x 24 meters.

The 7 Mpc order of magnitude (and the previous limit of approximately 150 Mpc) has long since been toppled apparently by the discovery of the Huge LQG.  This begs a question - how does the Huge LQG compare in size with other large "structures" and "voids" in the known universe?  How do they compare with the size of the universe?

CreditNotOnTwtr and a variety of sources.

Assuming that the numbers we were about to play with were best estimates and best measurements available we put the data together in a graphic and a table.

Our own Solar System is at too small a scale to give a relative comparison.  The same goes for our own Milky Way.  The Universe (estimated size - which is likely quite wrong!) would cover the whole chart and obscure the available comparisons!

Our own Local Group of galaxies "disappears" in the graphic due to it's relatively small size/volume.

The Great Wall refers to the Sloan Great Wall and is roughly equal in size to the "average" LQG.

The Huge LQG is slightly "larger" than the estimated size of the Giant Void.

The size comparisons with the Huge LQG suggest non-randomness.  However, we invite you to make your own conclusions.  Until the discovery of a larger structure (like the hypothetical Ultimate LQG) our universe may be seen as "expanding" - but is a non-random structure itself.

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