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Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Lionfish Cookbook

Image licensed under Creative Commons by BONGURI

The Lionfish Cookbook: No, we're not kidding.  Just see the link to the News Daily article below.  Seems that the Lionfish invasion of the waters off Florida have become a problem.  So much so that they actually wrote a cook book with 45 recipes for these beauties.  They claim the delicacy is safe (except for the spines) and delicious.  We expect a good export business to Japanese fish markets...

And, yes, you can purchase The Lionfish Cookbook from the Amazon Carousel below...  Thank You,

FOM: "Eat 'Em" Stratagem for Lionfish Invasion in Florida (REUTERS), Lionfish (Wikipedia), Pterois volitans (Wikipedia), Pterois volitans (FishBase), Pterois volitans in the Encyclopedia of Life, Pterois volitans information page from the Smithsonian Marine Station at Fort Pierce

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Good Riddance Day

Good Riddance Day: Unfortunately, not a term of our creation plus we are a day behind on this one.  December 28 was the officially designated day to rid ourselves of a bad memory, experience and or so on from the year.  2010 was an especially unfortunate year for us as our Senior Editor's father became very sick for the last three months of the year and then passed away on December 19.  His brother and his wife lost her mother on Columbus Day due to end-stage cancer.  Also, supposed to be named after the Green Day song "Good Riddance" (The Time of Your Life).  GOOD RIDDANCE 2010!

FOM: Times Square Alliance for Official Good Riddance Day and Link to YouTube Video Performance of Good Riddance by Green Day

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Image licensed under Creative Commons by fdecomite

Escherite: Predicted/Suggested name for an artificial material reminiscent of some of the recursive surfaces famously and popularly depicted in some of the works of M. C. Escher.  Such a material would have no "inside" nor "outside" at the molecular level.  The name is the suggested conflation of Escher and the suffix -ite sometimes applied to minerals, chemicals and so on...

FOM: Strange New Twist: Researchers Discover Möbius Symmetry in Metamaterials (from Science Daily), Möbius Strip, Metamaterial and M. C. Escher

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The Passage of our Editor's Father

Image MRSA Culture licensed under Creative Commons by Simon Goldenberg

The Passage of our Senior Editor's Father: Though not a true dictionary entry, we thought we should make note of the passage of our Senior Editor's father.  George James passed away on Sunday December 19, 2010 (though the COD says Monday December 20, 2010) and he was just 76 years young.  Though an autopsy would have been requested by our editor, the rest of his family passed on it without asking his opinion (!). 

At the time, GJ had been suffering from two pneumonias (Serratia and Pseudomonas) as well as the now dreaded MRSA!  Although Dad seemed to have responded successfully to treatments with massive doses of Vancomycin and 5 days treatment with Tobramycin.  He was eventually discharged from his 4th hospital stay and housed in a very good medical facility.  Unfortunately, the MRSA must have entered his bloodstream on or about the 19th as our editor found GJ foaming badly at the mouth - which appears to have meant that his organs were shutting down. 

His father responded positively to a request for an ambulance (which he never does!) and the ambulance came and took him away on a portable ventilator.  GJ was placed on a CPAP Ventilator once in the trauma room and remained so in the ICU.  No amount of 'pressors' could have preserved him as he appeared to be in complete shutdown - though our editor hoped desperately and tearfully otherwise.  He probably had no conscious mind nor spirit during this time and passed on probably that day.  Which is why an autopsy may have been helpful (or not).  Perhaps it could have positively identified MRSA in the bloodstream at that time - or not...

Looking back over the previous events, two of GJ's doctors at two of his previous hospital stays had predicted his death within a short while - possibly months.  Which came true just before this Christmas...

FOM: Medical Odyssey/Hospital Nomad

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