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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Snorting McChrystal?

Snorting McChrystal (or) Snorting Rolling Stones?

Updated: Saturday, August 21, 2010*

OK, the whole media world is talking about the sucker coup of Wikileaks (Bravo for them!) and their revelatory Afghan War Diaries leak/s.

The leak took place on or about July 25, 2010. And blame or responsibility has already been assigned to some, sorry to say, low-level US military personnel. A-Hem! Excuse us! Did everybody miss something here? Including The Daily Show and The Colbert Report?

What are we talking about? Hellooooo.... Didn't the US/ISAF General in Charge of the Afghanistan Operations/War just get sent down the tubes about one month ago? Speaking of tubes, is everybody in the media snorting "McChrystal" or some other finely powdered crystalline Class I narcotic? (Sorry, we apologize for the drug/humor reference/s, we know it is in poor taste).

Why did everybody else miss this? Does the world have ADHD? Is Mr. Derp now running Fox News?

Not to mention, therefore, isn't this all a result of that sh*tty tirade reported by Rolling Stone just this summer/spring? You be the judge.

What else is funky about this relationship? We're not saying the general had anything to do with the leaks, but the events are pretty closely related in time. A little too close.

And, when some top guy goes down for something - they sometimes like to leave behind a little 'Position Paper' on where their major activities stood prior to their departure? Is this all starting to sound familiar? Helloooo...

Does anybody remember Abu Ghraib and what happened to all the low-level torture clowns involved there - and then the commanding officer. You do remember the sequence of events in that scandal, right? Ahhh, we detect the odor of the same order of sequence here...

Not to mention, we did have a look at the reports that appear on the Wikileaks website. No, we haven't had time to read all of them. We're still sorting through the Pentagon Papers for G*d's Sakes! But, it is starting to look like the Pakistan-Taliban-US$ connection might be a little overblown. Only 4 known reports appear in the journal concerning finance from Pakistan or anywhere. As far as "hits" (assassinations) go, those were probably in all likelihood funded by the Taliban (with money from Pakistan or from poppy money - its hard to say for sure...). There were something like 48 reports on hits.

We have distilled some of the more "important" categories of reports from the Diaries and listed them below. Approach with caution. We did this in case Wikileaks runs out of funds (again) or gets mysteriously shut down and disappears... Meanwhile, our list, enjoy...

Oh, and something else, nothing shows you are winning the war like the number of enemy surrenders. Ahem, we have FOUR of them. Oh, and reported Food Distributions and Counter-Terrorism attack numbers were also weak; 4 and 1. ONE counter-terrorism attack? That "War on Terror" is going really swell isn't it Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney?

(Oh, don't get us wrong - we love our troops and support those that do honorable service and some not so much, too).

Number of Assassinations reported in Wikileaks Afghan War Diaries: 48


Number of Attacks reported in Wikileaks Afghan War Diaries: 2283


Number of Ambushes reported in Wikileaks Afghan War Diaries: 538


Number of Counterterrorism Reports in Wikileaks Afghan War Diaries: 1


Number of Drug Operations Reports in Wikileaks Afghan War Diaries: 8


Number of (Enemy) Finance Reports in Wikileaks Afghan War Diaries: 4


Number of Food Distributions Reports in Wikileaks Afghan War Diaries: 4


Number of IED Ambush Reports in Wikileaks Afghan War Diaries: 350


Number of IED Explosions Reports in Wikileaks Afghan War Diaries: 7202


Number of IED Found/Cleared Reports in Wikileaks Afghan War Diaries: 8581


Number of Mines Found/Cleared Reports in Wikileaks Afghan War Diaries: 396


Number of Mine Strikes Reports in Wikileaks Afghan War Diaries: 321


Number of Murder Reports in Wikileaks Afghan War Diaries: 100


Number of Willing Recruitments detained Reports in Wikileaks Afghan War Diaries: 1


Number of Poisonings Reports (attempted) in Wikileaks Afghan War Diaries: 1


Number of Enemy Sabotage Reports in Wikileaks Afghan War Diaries: 6


Number of Enemy/Unknown Surrenders Reports in Wikileaks Afghan War Diaries: 4


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*FOM: False Charges Made Against Mr. Assange?

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Could this be the title of Michael Moore's new docu-comedy about the Tea Party? Could he throw in the Birthers too? We're hoping, we're hoping... Of course, we're referring to that great Off-the-Cuff made by Ken B*ck in regards to the Tea Party and their Birther "questions"? Chris Matthews did a great segment on this on his Hardball "Sideshow" for July 26, 2010.

Please note: This posting appears simultaneously on our sister publication The American Political Handbook.

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Bad Sea

Image licensed under Creative Commons by DigitalGlobe

Updated: Friday, August 20, 2010
The Bad Sea” should be a rather simplistic name reference to what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico and the antonym of the good earth (with apologizes to the late great Pearl S. Buck). Of course, to some folks, “bad” is an insufficient descriptor – what is happening may be a disaster or a catastrophe without measure. An entire coastline (from Texas to Florida) has been defaced, scarred or even destroyed. At this writing, more emergency measures are being desperately employed to cap the leaking underwater oil well. Lives and economies, and possibly an entire ecosystem have been destroyed. And it could possibly get worse – computer simulation models have predicted that the leaked oil spill will reach the Atlantic Coast.

And before it reaches the east – or Atlantic Coast – it will necessarily run along the Florida coastline. And the Everglades – and that should cause even the most insensitive folks to take pause. Why? – Because it truly is a unique place and ecosystem on this earth. It is the only place where one can find alligators and crocodiles habituating the same locale. There are, of course, many other animals that live there. Like the Everglades mink – this is now endangered. One gasps at the thought of having to clean up the Everglades when that fearful time comes – How would people clean that?

Of course, the sea life is threatened around the Gulf as well. Highlighting this dismal fact is the discovery of two previously unknown species of pancake batfish (Halieutichthys intermedius and Halieutichthys bispinosus). These two species were previously unknown until deep investigations of the area of the oil spill were taken. The obvious question is – How many previously unknown as well as known species could be lost due to this terrible disaster? In other words, the Gulf of Mexico, the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and just about everything that around it has been turned into a bad sea.

FOM: (Science Daily) The Oil Spill Plume,  Deepwater Oil Spill Heading for Atlantic Coast & Eastern Europe, (BBC NEWS) Russian Sub Could Stop Oil Leak, (Wikipedia) Deepwater Horizon oil spill and (Innocentive)
Emergency Response 2.0 : Solutions to Respond to Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico


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