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Thursday, September 2, 2010


Bee Beard 2 image licensed under Creative Commons by Max xx

Huggle: The VERY unfortunate conflation of honey and smuggle.  Some executives have actually been charged with the allegations of honey smuggling and tainting it with antibiotics*.  One might be tempted to conclude that now the honey supply cannot be trusted much like the egg and dairy supply...

Can you imagine what the agency phone call was like? Riinnnggg: Hello, Special Crimes Unit, Bee and Honey Division. Actually, when that phone rings it sounds like a buzzing bee...

FOM: * US Indicts 11 Executives with Honey Smuggling (from BBC News), Honey, Honey Bee (from Wikipedia), Smuggling (from the Wikipedia), Memorandum from Senator Chuck Schumer on Honey

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Spontaneous Creation or The Big Splat

Image licensed under Creative Commons by MikeLicht, NotionsCapital

Spontaneous Creation or The Big Splat: According to the great Dr. Stephen Hawking, the creation of the universe occurred absent the presence of a god or goddess*.  Therefore, (not sure if we are quoting him or the BBC News) the creation of the universe was spontaneous.  We also (here at the AZD) now refer to it as "The Big Splat" (relative to the Big Bang) - kind of like a paintball or an egg being splattered against the fabric of space time.  And, there you have it!  But the godless creation of the universe seems somehow meaningless and purposeless.  One can only imagine a cartoonish god (like the Seth McFarlane god of 'Family Guy' or the Terry Gilliam god of 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail') splattering a great egg against the wall.  And where did the wall come from?

However, the argument could be made that absence of a Creator at the beginning does not rule out the existence of the same...

Incidentally, we can't wait for the great Stephen Colbert's take on this in his hilarious "Stephen Hawking is Such an *ssh#l@" segment.

FOM: *Stephen Hawking: God Did Not Create the Universe (from BBC News), REUTERS News Agency on the subject,  Anti-Time and SearchEdu.com on Spontaneous Creation

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Swedish Police Woman Image licensed under Creative Commons by ThisParticularGreg

WikiRapes: The VERY unfortunate and rather cynical conflation of WikiLeaks and rape/s or the (repeated) charges of rape/s....  Seems like Sweden (or Julian, ooohhhh...sorry about that!) just can't get enough of serious sex offenses and their related charges of same...

Hugo: Oh, dear God help us, we are going to hell...  AZD: No we're not!  Doesn't it seem like every time he (Julian) charges the USA with some nefarious activity that Sweden charges him with rape?  Hugo: Hmmm...could be a connection there...

FOM: Sweden Reopens WikiLeaks Founder Rape Investigation (from REUTERS News Agency), WikiLeaks Rape Inquiry Reopened (BBC News), False Charges Made Against Mr. Assange? and CIA Memo on USA Exporting Terrorism (from WikiLeaks). 

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