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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

George Won't

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George Won't: Is an obvious word play/antonym on the name of the writer that Keith Olbermann strongly criticized on Countdown on MSNBC last night, Monday, June 28, 2010.  We would like to tell Mr. Won't that the GOP Republican plan to block unemployment and other benefits and extensions of the same has been enormously effective.  I can tell you from personal experience that I currently live in bone-grinding poverty - right here in the good ol' USA Mr. Won't - as a result of corrupt and morally bankrupt GOP/Republican policies, programs, pugnaciouness and general obstinacy coupled with insanity.

Yes, thanks to you and your ilk Mr. Won't, I haven't been receiving unemployment benefits nor Medicaid for the past 22 months.  Congratulations! You and your ilk have driven me and ten million others like me into abject poverty!  It is wonderful living on food stamps and being denied health care and other benefits and monies.  If I desperately need something, I have to contact the local church for charity.  The first time I did this (last year) I was given all of one hundred dollars in gift cards.  The second time I requested charity (this winter) I was given all of forty five dollars in gift cards.  Do you know what it's like living on $ 200/month on food stamps and $ 145 in gift cards for almost two years Mr. Won't?  I'll bet you don't have a clue.  But, it is obvious that that part goes without saying.

Oh, what's that Mr. Won't, I should find a job?  Well, happily, I have.  I now work as a freelance copywriter - which puts me in the same profession as you, Mr. Won't.  That means I can compete with the world market for writing jobs that pay about 50 cents/hour - once you calculate the research, the rewrites and the chasing around payments for money.  Why that is only six or seven dollars shy of minimum wage!  Why can't I make minimum wage?  Because I can't even find a job here in the USA at that high a level of income.  So I have to take my 50 cents an hour - if I can even find that.  What makes it worse, Mr. Won't, is that your ideologies have forced your fellow writers into making that kind of wage.

Here's something else.  The writing work that I do is called "SEO" - the so-called Search Engine Optimization.  This means that the texts I write and get published are put on the internet and compete with all the other legitimate and otherwise sources of information on the internet.  I have been successful at this, one of my articles came up as a "4th Page Ranking" when you search for the keyword.  So, thanks to you and the GOP/Republican policies, I have to write SEO articles that might have an even higher page ranking than the topics you could be googling.  And I am not alone, thanks to people like you in your profession of writing, millions of them are posting this "information" on the internet.  Which slows down the search engines and the original stuff you were trying to look up.

The upshot of all this, Mr. Won't, is that your forced labor at costs of 50 cents/hour is creating writers and more SEO writings that jam up the internet when you search for something.  If your policies and opinions keep prevailing, soon you'll have to take all day to find that one article you were really searching for on the internet.  That's what you wanted, isn't it Mr. Won't?

* Reference: MSNBC's Countdown/KeithOlbermann's Comment Monday, June 28, 2010

FOM: FED Officials See High Unemployment for Years to Come (Reuters) and How Welfare Cuts Can Cost Lives (Reuters)

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